SPEAKERS > Anthony Cuellar

SVP of Global Marketing

Anthony Cuellar has a passion for people, technology, and the innovation the two can create. As a business leader, he has spent his entire career in sales, sales management, and marketing working for large manufacturers and system integrators specializing in IT, AV, and broadcast technologies. In his leadership roles, Cuellar has been responsible for developing and executing sales and marketing business initiatives to drive revenue at every level.

As AV industry veteran, Cuellar has consulted and implemented many changes in the broadcast, AV, and IT markets. The diversity of his clients such as Disney, DreamWorks, Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, Google, and Cisco, both domestically and internationally, has prepared him for the unique challenges of navigating the market dynamics for integration and collaboration on a global scale.

Featured in: Tuesday General Sessions (12/14)