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Lyon Video

After completing his bachelor’s degree at Otterbein University in Westerville, OH, Chad Snyder spent a brief stint working at Disney’s MGM Hollywood Studios. He was not brought up to be a union member, so back to Ohio he went. Snyder has been working for Lyon Video since 1989. Having been in broadcasting since the days of analog signals, he continues to learn new skills and hone the skills that he has already learned. Being a content creator in the transitions to digital, high definition, ultra high definition, and now moving content creation to IP signal transmission has brought benefits and rewards during each step of the process. The worldwide pandemic increased business uncertainty, but they’ve been able to reflect and plan – not just react to changes. Leading his group through the pandemic and past has been incredibly rewarding for Snyder. Lyon Video’s employees have been retained, are well motivated, and are operating succinctly and largely in harmony with their clients and their broadcast production needs. Anyone that knows the genre of business space Lyon Video operates in understands the qualifier “largely” is an extremely difficult statement to achieve. Snyder is dedicated to increasing this statement so the qualifier “largely” can be removed and Lyon Video is the premier service provider in our segment of business.

Featured in: Monday Production Truck & Facility Design Workshop (12/13)