SPEAKERS > Sassan Pejhan

VP, Technology

Sassan Pejhan is the VP of emerging technologies at ATEME. He collaborates with numerous vendors, customers, and partner companies to push the boundaries of video processing and distribution technology to enhance ATEME’s products. Pejhan brings more than 20 years of experience covering a broad range of roles and responsibilities (R&D, management, product strategy, pioneering new services, and improving operational efficiencies), garnering a Sports Emmy award, a CES Innovation award, and 22 patents along the way. He has been a guest speaker/panelist at multiple industry events (such as the Sports Video Group Summit) providing insight into business and technology trends in the broadcast and entertainment industries.

Pejhan received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Imperial College of Science & Technology (London University) and his master’s and doctorate degrees from Columbia University, NY.

Featured in: Monday Streaming & OTT Workshop (12/13)